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About Urea

Urea is a chemical fertilizer containing high level of Nitrogen (N). Nitrogen is the most necessary nutrients for plants. Urea takes the form of white crystal grains. Urea fertilizer with NH2 CONH2 chemical formula is soluble fertilizer in water and easily able to absorb water (hygroscopic). Therefore, it should be stored and covered tightly in a dry place. Urea fertilizer contains N Nutrient for 46% with the understanding each 100kg consists of 46kg of Nitrogen, 0.5% Moisture, 1% Biuret contents, size 1 to 3.35 MM 90% Min and Prill shaped.

The Characteristics of Urea:

  • Containing high level of Nitrogen (N).
  • In the form of white crystal grains.
  • Having NH2 CONH2 chemical formula.
  • Easily soluble and absorbing in water (hygroscopic).
  • Containing N nutrient for 46%.
  • SNI 2801:2010

Nitrogen nutrients contained in the urea fertilizer are very useful for plants to grow and develop, such as:

  • To make leaves of plants greener and fresher as well as containing lots of chlorophylls which have a very important role in the process of photosynthesis.
  • To accelerate plant growth (height, number of tillers, branches, etc.).
  • To add content of plant protein.
  • Can be used for all kinds of plants either food plants, horticulture, plantation plants.
  • With proper, right (balanced) and regular fertilization, plants will grow fresh, healthy, provide multiple results and unharm the soil structure.

To secure and prevent abuse of the Subsidized Fertilizer Distribution by irresponsible parties, the color of urea fertilizer is changed from WHITE to PINK. Pink urea fertilizer does not change the composition and its content, remains safe to use, environmental friendly and nontoxic to plants. In addition, the dye used is made of an unharmful organic chemicals because they are water soluble.